Development History
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In 1988, Established rubber factory, the main business is the V-belt and rubber miscellaneous pieces

In 1993, Zhengzhou Liwei Rubber Products Co., Ltd. was established to apply for the registration of the “Liwei” trademark, mainly producing small-diameter rubber joints.

In 1997, it began to produce large diameter rubber joints above DN1400, which are exported to 28 provinces and cities.

In 1999, Small diameter rubber expansion joints were used for the nuclear power market for the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant

In 2000, Expanded production scope: steel and fabric expansion joints

In 2005, In response to market demand, it was renamed Henan Liwei Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd.

In 2007, Applied for and obtained 8 practical patents.

In 2008, Production of DN3600 rubber joints

In 2009, Zhengzhou Compensator Research Center was established.

In 2010, Liwei participated in the drafting of GB/T2621-2010 "Flexible Rubber Joints" national standard

In 2012, the large-diameter molded non-metallic expansion joint entered the nuclear power market and was applied to Guangxi Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Project.

In 2013, Name was changed to Henan Liwei Industry Co., Ltd.

In 2015, Listed on the Equity Quotation System of SMEs in Shanghai Equity Custody Exchange Center

In 2017 The new facotry's relocation project officially launched