Love Kindle hope, truth convey warmth, Liwei company's love donation activities report

Love Kindle hope, truth convey warmth, Liwei company's love donation activities report

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One side is difficult, eight sides support. Wu Xueling, an employee of Henan Liwei Industrial Co., Ltd. has been working in the workshop.  She is progressive in thought and helpful.  She is conscientious and conscientious in her work and never slackens off.  She is an excellent employee of our company. May 28, 2018,  Comrade Wu Xueling suffered from breast cancer in the Provincial Tumor Hospital for surgery,  relentless illness to the family has brought heavy mental pressure and economic burden. The chairman and general manager of the company immediately issued instructions to the company's administrative department.  Liwei Company will do everything in their power to help Wu Xueling and her family,  in order to help her family through the difficulties, called on all the staff of the company to voluntarily raise funds.

On May 30, the Executive Department of Liwei Company, together with the trade union, issued a "Love Donation Initiative" to all employees.  The proposal received a positive response from all the staff immediately after it was issued.  Everyone reached out to help and actively participated in the "donation for love" campaign.   After hearing the news from colleagues on business trips,  they entrusted colleagues or family members to make donations.  A little love will converge into a river, selfless help others,  warm the true feelings. In just three days, a total of 23000 yuan was raised.


The disease is ruthless. There is love in the world. In the face of disaster, Li Wei is sincere and sincere.  In Liwei's harmonious family,  we hope to experience the touch and strength together with her, and pass on hope and strength together.

Finally, let's hope that Wu Xueling can overcome the disease and restore health at an early date.