The PPP project of the sewage treatment plant network of Huanghua Town, Zhongshan City officially landed

The PPP project of the sewage treatment plant network of Huanghua Town, Zhongshan City officially landed

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On the morning of August 5, Zhongshan Public Group and Huangpu Town Housing and Construction Bureau officially signed the contract for the integration of PPP project of Huangpi Town sewage pipe network, which marked the first typical sewage treatment PPP project in Zhongshan - Huang Wei The town's sewage treatment plant network integration government and social capital cooperation PPP project officially landed, the total amount of social capital investment in bidding was about 263 million yuan.

It is reported that the Huangpu Town Government has boldly tried to adopt the PPP model in order to solve the problem of sewage treatment plant operation and construction of rainwater and sewage diversion pipe network. The project is promoted in a standard-based manner, that is, the government plans to propose a plan, conduct feasibility study and approve the project. After the completion of the process, the government issued an announcement in the city bidding center to openly recruit the PPP project investors, franchisees and the consortium formed by the construction unit through competitive means. Many social capitals with intentional participation and qualifications are eligible. The party signs up for investment competition. On June 24th, the PPP project confirmed that the winning bidder was Zhongshan Public Utilities Group Co., Ltd. After the completion of the project winning bid, the PPP franchise agreement, TOT (transfer-operate-transfer) and BOT (construction-operation-transfer) agreements were signed. A package of PPP projects. After the completion of the project company, the project was fully implemented and the rain and sewage diversion project was started.

The reporter learned that as early as the "Management Measures for Zhongshan Municipal Government and Social Capital Cooperation Projects", Huangpi Town had already planned to use the PPP model to construct and operate sewage treatment projects. The town sent an inspection team to Chongqing Zhongfa Tangjiayu sewage treatment. The company learns to learn from, and invites high-level consulting companies to conduct guidance.

According to reports, the sewage treatment plant network integration PPP project, using the "TOT + BOT" combination model, the total investment in social capital is about 263 million yuan. Among them, TOT part of the stock assets of about 174.8 million yuan including sewage plant, built pipe network and pipeline under construction, BOT part of about 0.88 billion is a new rainwater and sewage diversion pipe network project. The government awarded the bidding operation right to the sewage plant for 25 years. The project company is responsible for the operation of sewage collection and treatment. The project company provides the government with sewage treatment services that meet the effluent water quality standards stipulated by the environmental protection department. The government accepts the treated wastewater. Sewage and payment of service fees to the partner company. Under normal operating conditions, the cooperative company can recover the cost of the project and obtain a reasonable profit by collecting the service fee.

“The innovation of this project is the integrated operation of the sewage treatment plant network, which not only revitalizes the existing stock assets, but also breaks the funding gap for the construction of the rainwater and sewage diversion pipe network, which greatly reduces the government's pressure on the budget.”