Partial Performance Of Rubber Expansion Joint(III)

Partial Performance Of Rubber Expansion Joint(III)

Domestic projects
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71 he fifth phase of Tianjin Junliangcheng Power Plant 2*350MW DN500-DN1800 2009.06.16
72 Expansion of heating unit project 1*600MW DN2200 2010.02
73 The second phase of the technical transformation of Liaoning Qinghe Power Generation Co., Ltd. 1*300MW DN1800 2010.09.02.
74 Jiangsu Huaiyin Power Generation Co., Ltd.  6*660MW  DN2400 2010.09.06
75 The second phase of the large-scale small heat and power cogeneration project   DN2800 2010.09.21
76 Zhuo Yu Valve (Changsha) Co., Ltd. India WPCL Project 2*600MW  DN2400 2011.02.15
77 Guangdong General Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Pinghai Power Plant 2*660MW DN600、DN2200 2011.03.08
78 Guodian Gold Power Co., Ltd. Supercritical Coal-fired Unit 2*1000MW DN100-DN900 2011.04.25
79 Russia Power Wholesale Market Second Power Generation Company Troitsk State Power Station Generator Set Construction Project 2*600MW DN2200 2011.05.27
80 Xinmi Power Plant Phase II 2×1000MW Unit Desulfurization Project 1*660MW DN2200 2011.05.30
81 The first phase of the Weixin Coal-Electricity Integration Project   DN2800 2011.7.18
82 Guodian Shuangliao Power Generation Co., Ltd. Phase II Expansion Project 2*300MW DN1600 2011.09.19
83 Unit 1 and 2 of Fangchenggang Nuclear Power Plant Phase I Project 2*300MW DN1400-DN1800 2011.10.10
84 LOT52E conventional island rubber expansion joint   DN2600 2012.1.16
85 Datang Jixi Second Power Plant 2×350MW DN1600-DN2400 2012.2.26
86 Meixian Heshuyuan Power Plant Phase III circulating fluidized bed coal-fired unit   DN900-DN1400 2012.9
87 Vietnam Coastal Phase I Thermal Power Plant Project 3×390MW DN1400、DN1600 2012.10
88 Huaneng Daqing Cogeneration New Construction Project, the seventh batch of auxiliary machines 2×1000MW DN2200、DN2600 2012.11
89 CNOOC Zhuhai Natural Gas Power Generation Co., Ltd. Cogeneration Project Rubber Flexible Flex Joint 2*600MW DN2200 2013.04
90 Zhongshan Jiaming Electric Power Co., Ltd. Combined Cycle Thermal Power Cogeneration Project   DN2200 2013.04
91 The sixth batch of auxiliary equipment for the super-supercritical coal-fired generating unit project of China Cangnan Cangnan Power Plant   DN2400、DN2800 2013.11
92 Inner Mongolia Jinglong Power Generation Co., Ltd. 2*600MW unit desulfurization and capacity expansion project EPC general contracting project   DN2200 2014.3
93 Zhejiang Zheneng Liuheng Power Plant New Construction Project   DN1800 2014.9
94 2*1000MW ultra-supercritical coal-fired generating unit project of China Resources Haifeng Power Plant   DN2600 2014.11
95 Shaanxi Yongqiao Power Plant 2*600MW DN2200 2014.11
96 Hohhot Jinqiao Thermal Power Plant   DN3000 2015.1.27
97 Jiangsu Shentong Valve Co., Ltd.   DN2400 2015.4.29
98 Hebei Datang International Wangtan Power Generation Co., Ltd. 2*600MW unit    DN200-DN2000 2015.5.21
99 Nanjing Longyuan Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.-Hebi Heqi Power Plant   DN2400 2015.8.14
100 Huaneng Dezhou Power Plant 2×1000MW DN2400 2015.11
101 Pacific Water Treatment Engineering Co., Ltd. 2×1000MW DN1000-DN2800 2015.11
102 Shanghai Shending Municipal Technology Industrial Co., Ltd.   DN180-DN3000 2015.12.05
103 Guangdong Lufeng Jiahuwan Power Plant New Construction Project   DN2200 2015.12.07
104 (2×1000MW) project seventh batch of auxiliary equipment procurement circulating water pipe rubber joint   DN80-DN1300 2015.12.21