Expansion joint performance of 1000MW unit

Expansion joint performance of 1000MW unit

Domestic projects
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No. Product Name Diameter Purchaser Name Unit Capacity Date
1 Rubber Joint DN65-DN1300 Huaneng Yuhuan Power Plant 4*1000MW 2006.5
2 Rubber Joint DN2600 Shanghai Waigaoqiao Third Power Generation Co., Ltd. Supercritical Coal-fired Unit Project 2*1000MW 2006.12.1
3 Rubber Joint DN300-DN500 Huadian International Zouxian Power Plant Phase IV 2*1000MW 2006.11
4 Dismantling Joint DN2200-DN2600 The third batch of auxiliary equipment for 2*1000MW units of Guodian Beilun Phase III expansion 2*1000MW 2008.06
5 Rubber Joint DN2200-DN2600 Yuzhong Power Plant Phase II Expansion Project 2*1000MW 2007.9.6
6 Flexible Coupling DN2800 The fifth batch of auxiliary equipment of the third phase of Xuzhou Pengcheng Power Plant 2*1000MW 2008.3
7 Rubber Joint DN2200-DN3600 Beijiang Power Plant Phase I 2*1000MW 2008.8
8 Rubber Joint DN2200 Guohua Xuzhou Power Generation Limited Super-supercritical thermal power unit 2*1000MW 2008.6
9 Rubber Joint DN2800 Datang Chaozhou Sanbaimen Power Plant 2*1000MW 2008.5
10 Rubber Joint DN700-DN2600 Guangdong Taishan Power Generation Phase II Expansion Project 2*1000MW 2008.12
11 Dismantling Joint DN2800 Circulating water expansion joint of 2×1000MW expansion project of Zhejiang Guohua Ninghai Power Plant 2*1000MW 2009.8
12 Dismantling Joint DN2800 Xuzhou Power Generation Co., Ltd. 2×1000MW Unit “Upper and Small Pressure” Project 2*1000MW 2011.2
13 Rubber Joint DN2800 Guangdong Level 1 Phase 1 21000MW 2*1000MW 2011.3
14 Sleeve expansion joint DN2200-DN3600 Jiangsu Xinhai Power Plant 2*1000MW 2011.4
15 Rubber Joint DN100-DN900 Xinmi Power Plant Phase II 2×1000MW Unit Desulfurization Project 2*1000MW 2011.4.25
16 Rubber Joint DN2400 Yuedian Huilai Power Plant 2X1000MW Unit Phase II 2*1000MW 2010.5
17 Rubber Joint DN2400 Huaneng Haimen Power Plant Phase I 2*1000MW 2011.3