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FDZ type rubber compensator

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Product Description

FDZ rubber compensator is an independent research product of our company, its corrugation is wider and higher than similar products, which makes it has a larger compression, extension, angular, lateral and deflection displacement. It is an extremely ideal pipe fitting for shock absorption, noise reduction, smoke prevention and dust control in environmental protection area. FDZ rubber compensator has reasonable structure design, complete testing methods and production equipment, has already formed a complete system of design-produce-service. FDZ rubber compensator very suitable for severe working places, different working condition use different rubber materials. Besides, the thermal insulation material has excellent property of heat resistant and corrosion resistant, never rust, saved maintenance fee. Air duct rubber compensator has no force transmit loss, reduced design procedure, no need to add other auxiliary facilities. It has superior gas tightness and flexibility, which ensures medium has no leakage and rehabilitate after repeatedly displacement, provide larger compensation in multidimensional direction in smaller range of sizes, and eliminate installation errors. Air duct rubber compensator has excellent sound absorption, shock insulation functions, it has already widely applied in all kinds of dedusting, air supply and exhaust duct, gas duct, gas piping, compressed air flue pipeline, air conditioner pipe industries and equipments. It is popular with large and medium iron and steel enterprises for its outstanding properties.

FDZ rubber compensator is composed of flange and rubber; there are round, square and reduce shapes; structural style: welding type and flange type.

Main application of FDZ rubber compensator:

1.Important constituent part for gas transportation device.

2.Used to compensate pipeline displacement caused by temperature difference, temperature fluctuation.

3.Absorbing vibration from exit and entrance of high frequency machine.

Product features of FDZ rubber compensator:

1.Reasonable structure, good elasticity, small acting force to piping support.

2.Absorb vibration, reduce noise, insulate thermal and dust, beneficial for environmental protection.

3.Prevent damage which caused by connected support or equipment foundation sink, convenient for install and maintain.

4.Wear-resisting, heat-resisting, aging-resisting, corrosion-resisting and long service life.

5.Small resistance, light weight, no dust stratification, its property is superior than other compensation devices.

6.Wide medium temperature resistant range: -40℃-150℃.

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