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XB-I Circle fabric expansion joint

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XB-I round fabric expansion joint owns excellent sound absorption and noise reduction function, it can remit pipeline error and noise which caused by draught fan vibration, and well compensated pipeline vibration which caused by air duct draught fan, also excellent protective effect on tired-resistance of pipeline. Comparing to metal SS bellows, although the temperature endurance of nonmetal fabric compensator is not very high, its max application temperature is below 1200℃, it has excellent corrosion resistance property. Plus, stainless steel bellows are used in outdoor for a long time, generally it will be corroded by acid rain, thus, SS bellows is easy to rust (except for special material manufacturing), and SS bellows costs more. Compared with SS bellows, air duct fabric compensator costs less, if abrasion badly, just change its cover, which greatly reduced the manufacturing costs, also applicable for reuse.

XB fabric expansion joint has round(XB-I) and rectangular style(XB-II) structures, connection methods includes flange type and welding type, it can be used under 1200℃ for a long term, customers can choose different compensator according to their application environment. Insulating layer and thermal-protective layer material mainly consist of PTFE pressed film glass fabric, EPDM coating glass fabric, NBR coating glass fabric, PTFE film and other single layer or multiple layers composite material, besides, except for compensating pipeline, compensator also has abrasive resistance, which can well prevent the friction of hot soot particle and lengthen compensator service life.

XB-I round fabric expansion joint is according with D-LD2000 standard, and it is widely used for the stack desulfurization, dust-cleaning equipment, air heating, entrance and exit of blast equipments in steelworks, smelting plant, petrochemical plant, thermal power plant, cement plant and atomic energy plant, its property is greatly superior to metal expansion joints, and highly praised by customers.

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