Flange type rubber check valve (duckbill check valve)
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Flange type rubber check valve (duckbill check valve)

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Flange type rubber check valve’s diameter gradually reduce along flow direction, and gradually forming a duckbill shape sealing parts, so it is also called flange type rubber duckbill valve. Please note that the nominal diameter is larger than DN800, the body weight will be very large, when operation, a lot of remain water will be left in the abdominal cavity body and water impact effect, a supporting rod shall be increased. It can prevent flood and waste water to flow backward to sewer and basement, and avoid heavy loss; it can prevent flood to flow backward to waste water plant and drainage pump station; prevent waste water or peculiar smell fluid spread and can drain away water at any time; In rainy season, rubber check valve can prevent the flood of inland river from sewer to street; The quality is better than flap valve, and overcome the uptight close disadvantage of flap valve.

Working principle

It is a full rubber structure, with "positive inflows reverse backstop" new drainage valve product features. It is calculated based on stress analysis and stress for different conditions, different design mechanisms, use of different rubber formulations, make according to a special process . When forward, the water floods from the inlet and tiny water pressure, will be able to open the valve. The greater of the pressure, the valve opens larger, the greater of the water flow. Reverse work, valve port close naturally, sealed backstop, the larger back pressure, the more tightly of the valve port, sealing the better, maximum back pressure which can be made to withstand varying degrees by an elastic material and the rubber compound.

type Nominal dia. of pipe L for length H for height C for external dia. of flange
XF50-150-F 50 150 100 150
XF80-220-F 80 220 140 200
XF100-250-F 100 250 200 225
XF150-340-F 150 340 265 275
XF200-420-F 200 40 325 338
XF250-520-F 250 520 425 400
XF300-620-F 300 620 525 485
XF350-700-F 350 700 625 525
XF400-800-F 400 800 725 588
XF450-900-F 450 900 825 625
XF500-980-F 500 980 925 688
XF600-1120-F 600 1120 1025 800
XF700-1180-F 700 1180 1125 969
XF800-1350-F 800 1350 1400 1080


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