Buried Protective Device for Rubber Expansion Joint
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Buried Protective Device for Rubber Expansion Joint

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Buried protective device for rubber expansion joint also known as rubber joint protective cover, mainly cooperatively use with flexible rubber expansion joint, efficiently protect the rubber joint from being damaged by external force, it greatly lengthen the service life of rubber joint, it’s a convenient new type product. The buried protective device is made from Q235 material, specific design size is in line with buried depth and location, which filled up the blank of underground application of rubber joint. The buried protective device is assembled by two semicircle hollow molding, put rubber joint and pipeline slap on flange in the protective device, the steel belts on both ends ride on inscribed circle of flange, playing the function of supporting facade on both ends, it depends on soil depth, sufficient to bear external pressure. Both ends of the buried protective device are free to slide, without any resistance. After installed, back-fill consolidate the ground and it will as flat as before, running cars, heavy stacking and equipment installation has no bad effects on the rubber expasion joint.

Installation method:

The protective device is equipped with some involution lock bolts for next installation. Installation direction: install rubber joint→paint asphalt inside to protect device→install below 1/2 of protective device→put upside 1/2 of protective device→close involution lock bolt (keep the rubber joint remaining at the center of the device when installing)→paint asphalt outside to protect device→back-fill original soil, tramp and press below and upside parts→use concrete to lay the bed course→pave ground (better set permanent sign for later check and change).

Product Features:

1. Automatically open and close according to pressure differential pressure, safe and reliable, no noise, no need of personnel to operate, no maintenance;

2. Forward turn-resistance, a small start-up pressure and flow naturally adjusted according to the water pressure;

3. Reverse backstop sealed, no leaks, it prevents backflow, the greater the back pressure, the better the results;

4. Anti-corrosion, anti-aging, deformation, adaptability, long service life;

5. A wide range of sizes, nominal diameter DN50 ~ DN3000.

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